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Wedding Photography and Videography in
Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Gauteng


We do wedding photography and videography in Pretoria, Johannesburg and neighbouring regions.
We’re happy to travel further out as well. Feel free to call us on 082 442 2165 or contact us.

Making wedding days last a lifetime


Every bride will tell you the same thing: Enjoy your wedding day, because the time flies. Well, every bride is right – and that’s why we’re here.


Our job is to make sure your wedding day lasts a lifetime. To preserve the wonderful memories of this special day.


Since 2010, we have walked side-by-side with over 100 brides and grooms to preserve every minute of their day. We work closely with you to capture the essence of you and your wedding – whether it’s a warm family vibe, spirit of adventure, or the touch of goofy fun.

Fully Equipped and Professional


We’ve worked with a large number of brides and grooms in a variety of settings; from rain to shine, near or far we’ve met deadlines and provided great value with our service.


We’ve invested heavily in our professional equipment, giving us the edge to take whatever shot is appropriate and always have the correct gear on hand.


Finally we have good experience with editing of all kinds to polish your photos and videos for that perfect finish!

Excellent Coordinators


We’ve worked in a number of high profile weddings and have had to coordinate our work closely with a number of parties to make the final product perfect. We’re happy to interface seamlessly with your wedding planner or other parties.



We understand: the wedding day is a very busy and often stressful one. You want to enjoy the day in all its beauty without being concerned with the small details. We work neatly and seamlessly with others to make that happen.

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We’re based in Johannesburg, but we are always keen to travel.


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