About Us

Getting to know Brightmoon Photography & Videography


Every bride will tell you the same thing: Enjoy your wedding day, because the time flies. Well, every bride is right – but that’s why we’re here.


Our job is to make sure your wedding day lasts a lifetime.


Since 2010, we have walked side-by-side with over 100 brides (and grooms, because it’s your day too) to preserve every minute of their day. We work closely with you to capture the essence of you and your wedding – whether it’s a warm family vibe, spirit of adventure, or touch of goofy fun.


Meet the photographer: Samantha Paulick


Samantha was born with a paintbrush in her hand. From day one, she’s loved everything creative, specialising in Visual Communications at The Open Window. When the digital age came along, she switched her paintbrush out for a camera. With her Canons in hand, she makes sure each of your wedding photos are a work of art.


Fun fact: Samantha loves the bush, has hiked the Fish River Canyon and travelled to over 11 countries.


Meet the videographer: Denver Paulick


Denver discovered his passion and talent for videography when he met Samantha. Now, armed with Drones, Gimbles and GoPros, he’s an expert at capturing footage from every angle, so that you never miss a thing.


Fun fact: Denver built his own fish tank – and loves pugs!